Nurturing your ideas

Atlanta All Inclusivity Minority Services LLC is tremendously proud of the impact that we have made in helping our clients by providing quality consultation aswell being able recruit viable candidates to motivate on their next step of financial growth.

Aaimservices LLC main focus is to help the Black community to be able to serve all people. To go find jobs that will give them a honest livable wage.  We are designed to help minorities who have the hardest time finding a job, and who aren’t equipped to know how to pursue their dreams and starting their own business. We motivate them to trust in who they are so they can become leaders of their community aswell become great small business owners.  

Quality Results

Our goal is to focusing on finding viable contracts connecting with other companies who will be looking to employ our many recruits investing in knowledgeable information to help All Minorities do well. We take great pride in providing quality exceptional customer service every single day. We’re absolutely here for you.


AAIMSERVICES LLC works as a team to exceed each of our clients’ expectations. We strive in helping individuals developing ideas and turning businesses goals into a reality.


Office: (404) 707-6665